Sunday, August 1, 2010

SALT (2010) Review

I never really get this whole Angelina Jolie - female action hero thing. Her past action movies like Tomb Raider, Mr & Mrs Smith, Wanted were all quite mediocre to be honest.

And now comes her latest one, Salt. The name itself is as gimmicky as her effort to collect enough babies to start a mini United Nations. But I went to see the movie anyway. I indirectly contributing towards the movie's success & her getting more such roles? Maybe.


Anyway, the movie starts promisingly as we see the titular character Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) stripped down to her undies & covered in blood in a North Korea prison, tortured for being an American spy. However, she was released when the governments of both countries cut a deal with each other.

We soon found out that Kim Jong Il was right (could he ever be wrong?) & she was indeed a spy working for the CIA. Fast forward to present day America, Salt was just about to leave her office, when a Russian FSB officer, Orlov came to defect.

She was leaving the office when work came knocking.

During interrogation, he revealed how the Soviet Union kidnapped babies, teach them English & make them watched reruns of Desperate Housewives in order to integrate them into American society. He also revealed that Evelyn Salt was one of those babies & is in fact a Russian spy!

From there all hell broke loose...Salt sensing danger escaped but not before we saw how she made a freaking RPG from some washing detergent, a table & a fire extinguisher. MacGuyver would be so proud of her.

Her disguise: Dying her hair black.
Rating: Slightly better than Superman's glasses.

After the initial action sequences, it became apparent that director Phillip Noyce has a shaky camera fetish as well. If this stupid trend persist any more longer, I would have to consider bringing my own reusable vomit bag to the cinemas.

The director manage to keep us guessing about the true identity of Salt even though the storyline itself isn't very engaging. Also, there is a big twist towards the end that almost made me screamed "INFERNAL FREAKING AFFAIRS!" but I won't spoil it for you guys of course ;)


Overall, this movie can offer some pretty solid brainless entertainment, you also get to see Jolie kicking butt & looking hot at the same time. But if you want something meatier, go watch Inception instead.

Also, the ending is open ended paving the way for a sequel like SALT 2: SALTIER perhaps or maybe a prequel, LESS SALT, LESS CALORIES?